The conflict over the status of Catalonia: overview of 2019

Tensions surrounding the dispute over the status of Catalonia increased, mainly due to the sentencing of pro-independence political and civil society leaders, which widened the divide between State institutions, the Government and political parties at national level, on the one hand, and a large political and social section of the population in Catalonia, on the other. The crisis in 2019 was felt in various areas, including the judiciary, civil society, politics and the media in both Catalonia and Spain and, as in previous years, also had an international impact. This document on the evolution of the conflict in 2019 is part of the Alert! Report on conflicts, human rights and peacebuilding. With its dissemination, the Escola de Cultura de Pau of the Autonomous University of Barcelona wants to contribute to the conversation on and the transformation of the conflict from an approach based on culture of peace. In the first part of the document, a synthesis of the conflict is presented and, in a second part, the evolution during 2019 is analysed, with attention to the elements of the conflict and dialogue initiatives.

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