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The School for a Culture of Peace produces publications in the field of peace research, peace building, conflict analysis, peace processes, human rights, conflict sensitivity, peace education and gender related issues.


The School for a Culture of Peace compiles the Yearbook of Peace Processes, which analyzes the evolution of peace negotiations along the year, and Alert! Report on Conflicts, Human Rights and Peacebuilding.

The books published by the School for a Culture of Peace cover topics such as peace building, peace processes, disarmament, peace education, corporate social responsibility, business and human rights, and art and peace, among others.
Quaderns Construcció de Pau

The main purpose of the Quaderns de Construcció de Pau (Peacebuilding Papers) publication is to disseminate the research conducted by the School for a Culture of Pece on peacebuilding and to bring it closer to the interested public.
Reports and articles

Analyses and commentaries on world developments and current issues related to conflicts, peacebuilding and peace processes, among other issues.

By means of the monitoring and analysis of international news, School for a Culture of Peace's observatories highlight relevant global developments concerning conflicts, peacebuilding and transitional justice. (Monthly)


The Barómetro (Barometer) is a quarterly report published in Spanish which analyses events taking place around the world according to three thematic areas: armed conflicts, socio-political crises and peace processes.

Gender and Peace


Gender and Peace is a quarterly publication that offers information and analysis of the international agenda on women, peace and security with special emphasis on the gender impact of armed conflict and peace building initiatives led women or gender.

ECP Database on Conflict and Peacebuilding


The Database on Conflict and Peacebuilding is a tool which is meant to facilitate the analysis of international conflicts. The database offers information on approximately forty active armed conflicts worldwide, nearly seventy socio-political crises and around fifteen peace negotiations, where a specifically gender perspective is included.

Pedagogical resources


Teaching materials and practical activities on peace education related issues, education in and for conflict and intercultural education, among other issues.



The School for a Culture of Peace publishes periodic reports on topics related to conflicts, human rights and peacebuilding.


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