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By means of the monitoring and analysis of international news, School for a Culture of Peace’s observatories highlight relevant global developments concerning conflicts, peacebuilding and transitional justice. Available online, the observatories are updated on a monthly basis. An interactive map allows direct access to information on specific countries.

Transitional Justice

The observatory monitors developments in transitional justice processes undertaken in societies to deal with the past abuses of human rights, both in countries that face or have faced armed conflicts as well as in states in which abuses were linked to political regimes.

The observatory is a tool that contributes to the understanding and comparison of contemporary forms of violence in ongoing armed conflicts and socio-political crisis. The information provided includes events related to conflict dynamics (i.e. clashes, casualties, forced displacements, militarisation and disarmament) as well as trends in a given country or region.
Peace Processes

The observatory is a tool that contributes to the analysis and comparison of ongoing peace negotiations and other peacebuilding initiatives that are taking place in many countries in the world. The information includes events related to peace negotiations, especially on issues such as the signing of peace agreements, formal or exploratory negotiations, the participation of women and civil society in these talks, or diplomatic initiatives undertaken by governments, international organizations or other persons or organizations to resolve conflicts through dialogue.

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