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Education for International Understanding

Education for international understanding can be considered as the macro-social side of peace education. It looks at peace at the world level, armed conflicts, and relations among peoples. Global education provides basic tools to critically evaluate global relations and dynamics.


Education for international understanding focuses most heavily on positive peace and armed conflict, that is, on understanding the causes and consequences of armed conflict and analyzing issues which affect the entire world, such as the arms trade, refugees displaced by war, and the role of the media. Study of these needs to be linked to the multiple ways that peacebuilding is possible in and among peoples.

Education for international understanding also highlights the importance of the international legal system, including international public law, international human rights law, and International Humanitarian Law, the foundations of international relations. It emphasizes the importance of international players such as the United Nations, the chief arbiter of peaceful and violent relations in the world.

In terms of relations among peoples, global education attempts to understand why dominant groups construct deformed enemy images and what can be done to deconstruct them.

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