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Since 2001 the School for a Culture of Peace has published several books related to peacebuilding, peace processes, negotiations, disarmament, peace education, business and human rights, corporate social responsibility in conflict and post-conflict contexts, peace and art, among other issues. Some publications are available in PDF format.


Diplomacias de paz Negociar con grupos armados.

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Peace diplomacies: Negotiating in armed conflicts .

Vicenç Fisas - Editorial Icaria
ISSN: 978-84-9888-685-6

Although some of today's armed conflicts seem unsolvable, the fact is that in the last three decades, four out of five of the armed conflicts have concluded with a peace agreement at a negotiating table, and not with the military victory of one of the parties. Almost half of today's conflicts, however, are still active, and pose a serious challenge to peace diplomacy which seeks to reduce the levels of violence and conduct parties to the path of negotiations. This book, which is based on the observation of a large number of negotiations and on the author's own experience, emphasizes those methodologies that have proven to be most useful in terms of ensuring the smooth running of a peace process, and which may help overcome the numerous crises that may be encountered along the way.
¿Llegó la hora? Promesas de paz para el País Vasco.

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(in Spanish)
¿Llegó la hora? Promesas de paz para el País Vasco.

Vicenç Fisas - Editorial Icaria
ISSN: 978-84-9888-294-0

Aproximarse al País Vasco desde una perspectiva de paz es correr el riesgo de ser mal interpretado por algunos sectores de la sociedad. Los atentados mortales, las coacciones y amenazas, las detenciones, las ilegalizaciones o la política de alejamiento de presos son algunos de los ingredientes de un cóctel explosivo que ha dividido durante muchos años a la sociedad vasca. Una sociedad, sin embargo, que no ha dejado de moverse en la búsqueda de la paz en medio de coyunturas sumamente adversas. El autor de este pequeño libro, catalán enamorado de Euskadi y que se siente concernido por su futuro, ha seguido con atención durante los últimos años lo que ha sucedido en aquellas tierras y ha estado atento a las diferentes iniciativas que han ido surgiendo.
La segunda oleada del desarme.

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(in Spanish)
La segunda oleda del desarme.

Vicenç Fisas - Editorial Icaria
ISSN: 978-84-9888-450-0

The world today spends more on weapons and military equipment than ever. This obliges us to consider again the risks of this universal order and the need for a new wave of disarmament to allow things to be put in place so that security and defense policies are consistent with human development, in what it is called "human security". In recent years important objectives have already been achieved in terms of disarmament. The second wave of disarmament began with the ban on chemical weapons, land mines and cluster bombs. Thus, it should continue with less militarized security policies, a reduction of military spending, a treaty to control arms trade and light weapons, an increase of trust measures and support to disarmament, demobilization and reintegration programmes for former combatants. A disarmament agenda for this century's second decade.
¡Alto el fuego! Manual de procesos de paz.

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(in Spanish, English and Turkish)
Cease fire! Handbook of Peace Processes.

Vicenç Fisas - Editorial Icaria
ISSN: 978-84-9888-266-7

"A peace process is an effort to achieve an agreement that puts an end to violence, as well as to implement it, through negotiations that may require mediation by third parties". With this initial definition, I want to stress the idea that a "process" is not a point in time; rather it is a series of phases or stages occurring over a period of time in which all the affected actors participate in a collective effort to achieve, at some point, agreements that will put an end to the previous situation, which was dominated by violence and armed clashes. The goal is to use dialogue and consensus to reach pacts or agreements that put an end to physical violence, and to start, through the implementation of the agreements, a new stage of progress and development that also enables an end to also be put to the structural violence that fostered the emergence of the conflict.
La RSE en contextos de conflicto y postconflicto: de la gestión del riesgo a la creación de valor

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(in Spanish and English)
CSR in conflict and postconflict environments: from risk management to value creation .

María Prandi - ECP/ESADE
ISSN: 978-84-614-4160-0

Many companies have incorporated human rights into their CSR policies nowadays. However, only a few have taken the specificity of operating in conflict or post-conflict reconstruction environments into account. This book offers not only reflections on the role of business in peacebuilding, but also provides significant examples of business practice in this area.


Sanfeliu, Alba, Women, music and peace. Icaria Editorial, ISSN: 978-84-9888-152-3, colección Ocho de marzo (in Spanish).


Barbeito, C.; Caireta, M., Jocs de Pau. Caixa d'eines per educar per una cultura de pau. ISBN: 978-84-8319-480-5, Madrid: Catarata. (in Catalan)

Prandi, M., Lozano, JM., Can companies contribute to the Millenium Development Goals?, ISBN: 978-84-612-8223-4, Barcelona: Escola de Cultura de Pau, ESADE. (in Spanish)


Prandi, M., Lozano, JM., Guía práctica de derechos humanos para empresas, Barcelona: Escola de Cultura de Pau, ESADE. (in Spanish) ISBN: 84-611-2681-5,

Prandi, M., Lozano, JM., A practical Guide to Human Rights for Companies, ISBN: 978-84-613-5483-2, Barcelona: Escola de Cultura de Pau, ESADE.


Prandi, M., Lozano, JM., “Corporate Social Responsability and Human Rights”, en Corporate Social Responsability. The Corporate Governance of the 21st Century, Kluwer Law.


Fisas, V., Procesos de paz y negociación en conflictos armados. ISBN 97-8844-931-579-4. Barcelona: Ediciones Paidós. (in Spanish)


Romeva, R., Bosnia en paz: lecciones, retos y oportunidades de una posguerra contemporánea. ISBN: 84-8319-158-X. Barcelona: Catarata (in Spanish)

Romeva, R., Guerra, posguerra y paz: pautas para el análisis y la intervención en contextos posbélicos o postacuerdo. ISBN: 978-84-7426-652-1. Barcelona: Icaria. (in Spanish)


Fisas, V., La Paz es posible: una agenda para la paz del Siglo XXI. ISBN 97-8849-759-041-9. Barcelona: Plaza & Janés Editores. (in Spanish)


Fisas, V., Secretos que matan. ISBN: 978-84-7426-256-9. Barcelona: Icària Editorial. (in Spanish)


Romeva, R., Desarme y desarrollo: claves para armar conciencias. ISBN: 97-8848-997-072-4. Barcelona: Intermón Oxfam. (in Spanish)

Fisas, V., Adiós a las armas ligeras. ISBN: 978-84-7426-461-6. Barcelona: Icària Editorial. (in Spanish)


Fisas, V., El lobby feroz: las ONG ante el comercio de armas y el desarme. ISBN: 978-84-7426-390-5. Barcelona: Icària Editorial. (in Spanish)


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