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Noves converses de pau a Turquia: oportunitats i reptes en la resolució del conflicte. PDF Imprimeix
dimecres, 17 d'abril de 2013 11:11

Ana Villellas Ariño, Investigadora de l'Escola de Cultura de Pau, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.
Insight Turkey, Volum 15, No. 2

The restart of peace talks between the Government and the PKK has brought renewed optimism about the possibility to settle a nearly three-decade conflict, one of the oldest ongoing armed conflicts in the world and one with a major impact on neighbouring countries. These new efforts can be understood as part of the rapprochement process started in the mid 2000s. While it comes after a tremendous peak in violence, there seem to be very positive signs of the seriousness of this new stage. However, there are also doubts on its strength, structure, and direction.

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