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Conflict and Peacebuilding
Programme description
The Conflict and Peacebuilding Programme team studies and monitors armed conflicts, situations of tension, gender issues and peacebuilding. The programme analyses armed conflicts and crisis situations taking place in Africa, Asia, the Americas, Europe and the Middle East. In keeping with these thematic and geographical lines, the programme's activities include research projects, periodical and non-periodical publications, consulting, teaching, field research and awareness-raising.
One of the programme's most prominent publications is the yearbook Alert! Report on Conflicts, Human Rights and Peacebuilding, which has been produced since 2001. Alert! studies the most relevant events of the year in addition to the causes, dynamics, stakeholders and consequences of the main scenarios of armed conflict and socio-political tension in the world, thereby offering a comparative regional perspective, identifying global trends, issuing preventive warnings and reporting opportunities for peacebuilding. The programme's periodical publications also include the quarterly report Barometer, the monthly report Conflict and Peacebuilding Observatory, the quarterly report Gender and Peace and thematic reports as part of the Peacebuilding Papers series published by the School for a Culture of Peace (ECP).
Since 2009, the Conflict and Peacebuilding Programme has maintained a Database on Conflict and Peacebuilding aimed at spreading and deepening the analysis of international conflicts and peacebuilding. The Database provides information in Spanish and in English about armed conflicts, socio-political crises and peace processes and brings a specific gender analysis to contexts of conflict and tension.
The researchers of the Conflict and Peacebuilding Programme also perform consulting work, teach in various academic areas, including the ECP's Culture of Peace postgraduate programme, and cooperate with different media outlets to analyse current events.
Josep Maria Royo Aspa
Josep Maria Royo Aspa

Jordi Urgell García
Jordi Urgell García

Pamela Urrutia Arestizabal
Pamela Urrutia Arestizábal

Ana Villellas Ariño
Ana Villellas Ariño

María Villellas Ariño
María Villellas Ariño

Database on Conflict and Peacebuilding
The database is a tool which is meant to facilitate the analysis of international conflicts. It offers information on armed conflicts, socio-political crises and peace negotiations worldwide. The gender perspective is included through specific gender profiles.

Alert! is an annual report that offers an overview of the world’s state of affairs regarding four themes: armed conflicts, socio-political crises, peace processes and gender perspective. Alert! analyses the main trends on these issues and also identifies risk scenarios and opportunities for peace.

Barometer is a quarterly report that analyzes the main trends worldwide with regard to armed conflicts, socio-political crises and peace processes, facilitating a regular update by themes and countries.

Gender and Peace
Gender and Peace is a quarterly publication that offers information and analysis of the international agenda on women, peace and security with special emphasis on the gender impact of armed conflict and peace building initiatives led by women or with a gender dimension.

Conflict and Peacebuilding Observatory
The observatory intends to be a tool that contributes to the understanding and comparison of contemporary forms of violence and gives visibility to the numerous peace talks and initiatives –including those undertaken by women organizations– that are taking place in many countries in the world. (Monthly)

Peacebuilding Papers
Quaderns de Construcció de Pau (Peacebuilding Papers) is a series of publications that covers three main issues: monographs on armed conflicts, socio-political crises and peace processes; analyses on special themes related with conflicts and peace; and proposals to facilitate the intervention of actors involved in peacebuilding.

Reports and articles
Analyses and commentaries on world developments and thematic issues related to conflicts, peacebuilding and peace processes, published by the research team of the Conflict and Peacebuilding programme.

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