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Vicenç Fisas, Director of the School of Peace Culture, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

pp02 Although some of today's armed conflicts seem unsolvable, the fact is that in the last three decades, four out of five of the armed conflicts have concluded with a peace agreement at a negotiating table, and not with the military victory of one of the parties. Almost half of today's conflicts, however, are still active, and pose a serious challenge to peace diplomacy which seeks to reduce the levels of violence and conduct parties to the path of negotiations. This book, which is based on the observation of a large number of negotiations and on the author's own experience, emphasizes those methodologies that have proven to be most useful in terms of ensuring the smooth running of a peace process, and which may help overcome the numerous crises that may be encountered along the way.

Vicenç Fisas Armengol (Barcelona, 1952) is director of the School for a Culture of Peace of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Doctor in "Peace Studies" at the University of Bradford (UK) and National Human Rights Award in 1988, is the author of over 30 books on peace, conflict, disarmament and peace processes. Vicenç Fisas has published the "Yearbook of Peace Processes" since 2006 and participated in some of these processes during the last two decades.

Más Madera, 120 - Paz y conflictos - ISBN: 9788498886856 - PVP: 14 €
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