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Peacebuilding Municipalities
Peacebuilding Municipalities
The "Peacebuilding Municipalities" programme provides tools, ideas and best practices for conflict transformation, coexistence and peace in towns and cities. It is designed for municipal technical staff and local bodies from a variety of areas (education, cooperation...), and for community care personnel (social work, mediation, social education...).
Do you work at the municipal level and wish to promote peace in your town or city? Here are some tips on how to go about it:
- Are you sure you want to promote peace within your town?
   Beyond the municipal level (cooperation for peace)? Both?
   Click on the links to learn more.
- You don’t know where to start? Contact us: Marina, Cecile.


Conflict Transformation at the local level
Useful tools in conflict transformation for community workers

Map showing the best practices employed both inside and outside cities around the world


Conflict transformation for professionals providing care to individuals and communities
Training with a focus on reflection, aimed at professionals who deal with conflict at the community level. Training courses are offered in three formats: courses, workshops and support


Conflict transformation in the city
Tutorials with tools for professionals providing care to people and community actors

City Diplomacy practices
Reflections, tools and best practices used by European cities to prevent violence, transform conflicts, raise awareness and educate for peace, implement policies consistent with peace, alleviate the impact of war on other cities, etc.

Ideas for peacebuilding
Publications describing municipal practices that promote peace

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