Alert! Report on conflicts, human rights and peacebuilding

Alert! Report on conflicts, human rights and peacebuilding is a yearbook providing an analysis of the state of the world in terms of conflict and peacebuilding from three perspectives: armed conflicts, socio-political crises and gender, peace and security. The analysis of the most important events of the year and of the nature, causes, dynamics, actors and consequences of the main armed conflicts and socio-political crises that currently exist in the world makes it possible to provide a comparative regional overview and to identify global trends, as well as risk and early warning elements for the future. Similarly, the report also identifies opportunities for peacebuilding and for reducing, preventing and resolving conflicts.

Infographics and map Alert!

About Alert!:

The Alert! report helps us to identify opportunities for peacebuilding for academics and pacifist activists who refuse to believe that realpolitik is the only approach to wars. The analyses that the Escola de Cultura de Pau provides to us each year are a good starting point for discovering the knowledge, understanding, concerns and desires of the communities that experience and suffer from these armed conflicts in their own lives.

Jokin Alberdi Bidaguren
Professor at UPV/EHU and researcher at Gernika Gogoratuz and Hegoa, Instituto de Estudios de Desarrollo y Cooperación Internacional

I salute the gigantic work of Alert! which highlights armed conflicts around the world. I am challenged by the number of conflicts in progress today and I wonder if there is not, in the 21st century, another way of settling conflicts. Dialogue is no longer in vogue, apparently. However, to save our humanity and our planet constantly shaken by these conflicts, it is time to act in favour of non-violence.

Marcelline Nyiranduwamungu
Secretary-general of the International Women’s Network for Democracy and Peace (IWNDP, based in Belgium)

A large part of the political class and the media of the Global North has responded to the Russian invasion of Ukraine with a hardening of militaristic and warmongering discourses and with a disregard for pacifism and the culture of peace. In this context, Alert! is even more valuable, as it gives us tools to understand and explain that conflicts are not unpredictable natural phenomena, but are the result of causes, actors and dynamics that created violence before the armed confrontation. It does this from a feminist and gender perspective, warning of the risks in each context, but also of the opportunities, so that in addition to understanding the path to follow to end these wars, we learn that building, protecting and caring for peace is a daily exercise for all everyone and one that requires social justice.

Patricia Simón
Feminist writer and journalist specialised in human rights