Alert! Report on conflicts, human rights and peacebuilding

Alert! Report on conflicts, human rights and peacebuilding is a yearbook providing an analysis of the state of the world in terms of conflict and peacebuilding from three perspectives: armed conflicts, socio-political crises and gender, peace and security. The analysis of the most important events of the year and of the nature, causes, dynamics, actors and consequences of the main armed conflicts and socio-political crises that currently exist in the world makes it possible to provide a comparative regional overview and to identify global trends, as well as risk and early warning elements for the future. Similarly, the report also identifies opportunities for peacebuilding and for reducing, preventing and resolving conflicts.

Infographics and map Alert!

Armed conflicts in 2021 video

This video collects some of the main conclusions and data presented in the Alert 2022 report! Report on conflicts, human rights and peacebuilding.

About Alert!:

Peace cannot be conjured out of thin air; it is built from a deep understanding of the roots of a conflict, of its main actors, of regional and global dynamics. Alert! is a crucial tool in this process thanks to its detailed analysis —from a gender perspective— of the events of the past year. We live in a time in which the media and experts shift their attention more and more quickly from one conflict to another, in which public opinion becomes inflamed only to forget in the space of a few weeks the thousands of refugees fleeing from violence. That is what makes the Alert! report even more essential: it conveys a thorough picture of dozens of silent wars that have exacted an enormous price in terms of human lives, as well as setting out the essential elements to take the first steps on a path to lasting peace.

Enrica Picco,
Central Africa Project Director, International Crisis Group

Year after year, the Alert! report provides thorough, comparative data and analyses on key issues for the monitoring of armed conflicts, human rights and peacebuilding. For organizations who consider it essential to approach peacebuilding from a feminist and gender perspective, this report is vital reading. Its monitoring of the Women, Peace and Security Agenda and of the contributions made to peace by women and civil society are especially relevant.

Laura Alonso Cano,
President of WILPF Spain

The Alert 2021! Report is an essential resource to understanding the complexity of modern conflicts across the globe but it doesn’t stop there – by identifying warning signs and opportunities, the report provides necessary insights into the work that we as the peace movement should be engaged in. We know that the world is in a very dangerous place and that without diverse coalitions of activists and peacemakers, we stand no chance. Let us engage together in turning these words into action for peace, common security, and justice as we pursue a true socio-political transformation.

Reiner Braun,
Executive Director of the International Peace Bureau