Peace Talks in Focus. Report on Trends and Scenarios

Peace Talks in Focus. Report on Trends and Scenarios is a yearbook that analyses peace processes and negotiations that took place in the world during a year. The examination of the development and dynamics of negotiations worldwide allows to provide a comprehensive overview of peace processes, identify trends and comparatively analyse the various scenarios. Peace Talks in Focus. Report on Trends and Scenarios also analyses the evolution of peace processes from a gender perspective. One of the main objectives of this report is to provide information and analysis to those who participate in peaceful conflict resolution at different levels, including parties to disputes, mediators, civil society activists and others.


Peace processes in 2021 video

This video collects some of the main conclusions and data presented in the report Peace Talks in Focus 2021. Report on trends and scenarios.

About Peace Talks in Focus:

As in previous years, Peace Talks in Focus. Report on Trends and Scenarios once again constitutes an invaluable resource for anyone trying to understand the complex landscape of contemporary peacemaking. This publication highlights efforts undertaken towards peace, despite the many challenges and setbacks, by diverse actors including governments, armed groups, third party mediators, civil society, and women’s groups. It captures a wide variety of peace processes taking place around the world, identifying trends and patterns both globally and regionally, while also offering short yet thorough overviews of individual cases. This combination of the bird’s eye and case-specific perspectives makes Peace Talks in Focus the go-to publication for anyone – peace practitioner, policy-maker, or scholar – interested in up-to-date analysis of peace processes.

Dr. Dana Landau
Senior Researcher, Swisspeace
Lecturer in Political Science, University of Basel

Peace Talks in Focus. Report on Trends and Scenarios is an essential annual report. Its global and comparative perspective make it a unique tool, while its thorough, applied analysis is hugely valuable to those involved in negotiations, constituting an outstanding contribution that strives to play its part in conflict resolution and peace processes. Its unswerving focus on the Women, Peace and Security agenda is crucial; without women, there can be no lasting or sustainable peace.

María Solanas
Director of Programmes at the Elcano Royal Institute and member of the Mediterranean Women Mediators Network

The yearbook Peace Talks in Focus. Report on Trends and Scenarios by the School for a Culture of Peace is a much valued publication for facilitators, mediators and anyone else engaged in peace and reconciliation efforts. Peace Talks in Focus gives us unique insight into ongoing processes all over the world. The report also has a particular emphasis on a comparative perspectives that is extremely useful for practitioners. Mediation/facilitation is a developing tradecraft that has to adapt to the changing dynamics of conflicts and international global trends. Peace Talks in Focus is a treasured source of accumulated insight into how to successfully promote dialogue and peace.

Kristina Lie Revheim
Special Representative to the Philippines, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affair