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Peace Talks in Focus. Report on Trends and Scenarios

Peace Talks in Focus. Report on Trends and Scenarios is a yearbook that analyses peace processes and negotiations that took place in the world during a year. The examination of the development and dynamics of negotiations worldwide allows to provide a comprehensive overview of peace processes, identify trends and comparatively analyse the various scenarios. Peace Talks in Focus. Report on Trends and Scenarios also analyses the evolution of peace processes from a gender perspective. One of the main objectives of this report is to provide information and analysis to those who participate in peaceful conflict resolution at different levels, including parties to disputes, mediators, civil society activists and others.

Peace Talks in Focus 2020. Report on Trends and Scenarios

About Peace Talks in Focus:

Negotiating peace is a process that is as arduous as it is full of hope. Having access to the accurate information provided in Escola de Cultura de Pau’s yearbook allows us to analyse the various negotiation processes under way around the globe and to encourage the work of all those interested in the peaceful transformation of conflicts and in the construction of alternatives that are ethically responsible and economically sustainable for people and the planet as a whole.

María Oianguren,
Director of Gernika Gogoratuz Peace Research Center

The rise in conflicts in today’s world is seldom met with the appropriate appetite by leading political actors to intervene and ensure that a peaceful solution is found. This is why it’s important that peace practitioners share in their learnings from a wide range of peace processes in order to identify trends and learn from one another so that they can continue to successfully promote dialogue and peace talks, but also to design better processes that can lead to better, more longer lasting peace agreements.

Kerim Yildiz,
Chief Executive Officer, Democratic Progress Institute (DPI)

Peace Talks in Focus is an essential source for anyone interested in making sense of how peace and negotiation processes are working around the world. It is a global compendium with narratives of how agreements were reached, complementing other comparative work being done on peace agreements. By looking across all of the world’s dynamic and its more stuck processes, with its closely-detailed case studies, Escola de Cultura de Pau is able to highlight important emerging international and regional trends. If you want to learn more about how wars are currently being brought to an end, you need to study how people are building peace. I recommend this volume.

Andy Carl,
Consultant, adviser and co-founder of Conciliation Resources