Arms trade, conflicts and human rights.

Arms trade, conflicts and human rights. Analysis of European arms exports to countries in armed conflict and human rights violations is a report by the Delàs Centre of Studies for Peace, the School for a Culture of Peace and the Human Rights Institute of Catalonia that analyses arms exports by the member states of the EU during 2018 (the most recent year for which data is available) to countries that were involved in armed conflict in that same year. The report analyses weapons exports to 11 countries that were settings for armed conflicts and offers a summary of the history and context of each of the different struggles, a description of the most important specific events that took place in 2018 and an analysis of each case from the perspective of arms imports and compliance with the main instruments of human rights and international humanitarian law. In addition to these case studies, the report also provides an overview of the status and evolution of arms transfers coming from EU member states, as well as a comparative perspective on the characteristics of armed conflict today.

This report aims to enrich the public debate about the impacts that EU arms policy has on countries in armed conflict and contribute to designing Spanish and European policies to control, reduce or eliminate arms exports to countries in armed conflict, in line with European legislation in this regard.

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