The Experience of Ahotsak: Women’s Dialogue Across the Divide in the Basque Country

This report documents and analyses the experience of the Ahotsak women’s movement and its contributions to peacebuilding in the Basque Country. Ahotsak advocated the role of women in the search for solutions to the Basque conflict and managed to bring together a wide variety of territorial and sectoral stakeholders. Its track record and legacy make it possible to extract useful learnings for women who build peace in other contexts. This report has been published by the ECP and Democratic Progress Institute. The investigation for the realization of the report was supported by the Catalan Agency for Cooperation in Development.

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Authors: Ana Villellas Ariño, María Villellas Ariño, Pamela Urrutia Arestizábal
November 2018
Escola de Cultura de Pau – Democratic Progress Institute

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