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The School for a Culture of Peace has published periodic reports on topics related to conflicts, human rights and peacebuilding.

Newsletters archive

Semáforo (2003-2012)

Monthly publication, Semáforo highlights the most relevant news about conflicts and peacebuilding worldwide. The information is classified by geographical areas: Africa, America, Asia and Pacific, Europe and Central Asia, and Middle East.

Transitional Justice (2007-2012)

Boletín de Justicia Transicional
Bimonthly publication, Transitional Justice bulletin collects the most outstanding events in the field of transitional justice, ad-hoc criminal tribunals, truth commissions and reconciliation initiatives, among other topics.
Colombia (2011)

Boletín Colombia
Publications that examine the evolution of the armed conflict in Colombia and the prospects for peace in the country.

Haiti (2005-2009)

Boletín Haití
Monthly report on the situation in the Central American country in areas such as political transition, security and demilitarization, civil society, human rights and reconciliation, civil society and gender.

Monthly newsletter (2006-2008)

Boletín mensual
Monthly publication on conflict and peacebuilding that analyzes a relevant topics on the international agenda.
ISSN: 2013-8059
ISSN: 2013-8040

Business and Human Rights (2007)

Boletín empresa y derechos humanos
Monthly report on corporate social responsibility, business and human rights.


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