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Human Rights

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The activities of the Human Rights Programme of the School for a Culture of Peace ended on 2012. If you wish to contact with the person responsible of the project, please write to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The Human Rights Programme monitors the international human rights situation (HR), compliance with international humanitarian law (IHL) and transitional justice (TJ) mechanisms and highlights the issues on the international agenda. The Programme’s research work is reflected in specific newsletters, publications and in teaching and dissemination activities.

Research work

1) Transitional justice. Analysis and monitoring of transitional justice mechanisms worldwide. Transitional justice is meant to strike a balance between peace and the need for justice to be done for human rights abuses perpetrated during a conflict or by a non democratic regime. In this regard, the following activities are undertaken by the Human Rights Programme:

- Follow up of international and ad hoc criminal courts.

- Follow up of truth commissions and other reconciliation mechanisms.

- Follow up of judicial proceedings in ordinary justice.

- Follow up of reparation policies and practice.

2) Human Rights. The Programme team works on a thorough follow up of the day to day human rights situation worldwide with special emphasis on the debates included on the international agenda, such as the impact of the fight against terrorism on individual freedoms; the impact of armed conflicts upon civilians and human rights violations patterns in different countries. This research work is also reflected in other School publications, like Semáforo prepared by the Conflict and Peacebulding Programme. The Programme on Human Rights also produces a Human Rights Index.

•  Business and human rights. The Human Rights Programme monitors the role of companies with regard to human rights, also known as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with a special emphasis on the extracting industry.

Research projects:

NOUR - Drets Humans en Construcció. Autora Douâa El amrani Memdouh (in Catalan)


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