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The activities of the Arts and Peace Program of the School for a Culture of Peace ended on the 30 of June 2011. We keep this section as a data base. If you wish to contact with the person responsible of the project, please write to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The Arts and Peace Programme of the School for a Culture of Peace, focuses on research on different artistic initiatives that are being or have been carried out and which use artistic language for peace building initiatives. Art as a means of expressing and communicating the conditions surrounding us is also a powerful means of raising awareness and makes us reflect upon our attitudes and behaviour. It also promotes participation and peace building, generates solidarity values and encourages dialogue between generations and between cultures.

The Arts and Peace Programme’s main objective is the promotion, knowledge and visualization of different initiatives that show the link between arts and peace in different parts of the world. The Programme has also the following specific objectives:

- Promoting research on the actual relationship between arts and peace in different parts of the world, with special emphasis on those areas affected by conflict, where art has played a key role in the prevention, care during the crisis and in the rehabilitation process, reconstruction, social transformation and building of a culture of peace.

- Facilitating the exchange, circulation and distribution of information about the relationship between arts and peace as a tool of knowledge, reflection, analysis and brainstorming session on the role of the arts in conflict and peace.

- Promoting the knowledge of the existing relationship between artistic practices and peace building processes, throughout formal or informal training or academic activities.

- Generating collaboration and participation links with people, communities, and national or international governmental or non governmental entities, in order to develop the Art and Peace Programme projects of the School for a Culture of Peace.


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